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The melody of youth enchanted the path in a forest,
Where a group of dissident adventurers wander…self-assured,
And in their way to getting lost in the tangle of their imagination,
They create chaos out of desire to be more alive than being alive.
Revolting against the meditative trance of nature,
They interrupt an owl's slumber and the marriage of two bees, 
In the belly of a lake they invent a ripple game, 
And in a darkened cavern they deposit all their fear. 
As the cheery sun drowns in the horizon,
And as the melody of the woods from ethereal turns to eerie,
Four young minds compress their worry into a gasp,
As the road that brought them here, in darkness, disappears.
The moon painted like a skull in a black canvas stares at them,
As steps retrace steps and the glimmers of theirs eyes become their only lamps,
The forest embraces them with its myriad wooden arms,
Easing their thoughts into a realm of unknown terrors.
Fresh ink smears on a freshly pri
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de-stresssed feeling
In the conscience of your failings lives a fault that reproduces and improves,
It tells itself the only way out is through you and in its arrogance it thinks itself credible,
And it does what it says,
And it tears to construct itself and to constrict you,
There, in the fantastic lies of your life you suddenly remember when you wake up,
It lives, gnarls, and havocs everything into a perfect bed for its own intentions,
Drinking the tea of your virility and down-turning all your senses to control you better,
It toils and you twist yourself in existential knots.
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To the absence that between us time exhorts,
that in fear of extrication habit holds,
you that in a dream I'm told is real I behold,
umbilicality renews the sinews snagged forlorn,
and in the crass vantage of our distance,
a clever new acquaintance we have made,
you and I, we are too much the same.
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Slave of styrofoam the dreary ride has left you alone,
In dreams of wires you've grown tangled,
In your nmemonic streets where fog meets dawn
The taciturn vampire struggles for his wicked life,
Melodies that dress demise in lavish clothes start to die,
And don't you know? The devil's playing angel tonight
:icondeadlyroutines:deadlyroutines 1 0
right 'round dawn
Today I woke up face down,
the pavement drenched,
my yellow lips pretty caked,
and my old black shirt,
dripping wet with som' cold.
I called my girl, "I'm heading home"
she said "John, your car is gone"
now I was walking right 'round dawn,
when I saw my car, a pick up truck,
a repo man had taken the liberty,
to strap steel graps 'round its toes.
You see, I don't reckon owing any money,
or repo men that looked like old Elvis,
plus there was something wrong,
my head felt light, my eyes were sore,
I guess the thinking took its toll.
As I was walking I heard two sirens and a bawl,
my girl and a small audience were there I saw,
I pushed and pulled to get to the front,
nobody tried to stop me or tell me no,
and no one said the small spectacle was me all along,
A woman told the crowd about the head-on crash,
one truck and a van, and two guys named John,
one flew, the other got crushed, both dead by dawn,
the phone call was my girl screaming " can't be gone"
but all I mind was centered '
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this forgotten treasure,
found by sweet causality,
shakes with inner tremors,
fakes a smile and falls asleep.
Pray the fire gulfs your paper tail
The invisible pain will make you whole
Don't let old forge new all cold, askew!
I turned Oedipus inside out, upside down,
I returned the lost child to its pertinent self,
I sucked this river dry 'till sun make flow again,
I endured, rebound, overcame and fell abridged
Breath sweet peace,
of chants and reasons,
your ear, never short,
echo in forests of light,
and a Lazarus reborn,
will water your withered,
and prove your pasts...
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Poem 57x
careless this encounter
born from outer regions,
claiming part in Eden, but
pairing hands with Demons
d/oo/rs of tense w/oo/ds,
pretend connection with proximity,
these locks that never twitch,
k/ee/p soul from sw/ee/t infinity...
now, you come with foreign ills,
and as these hands break tenseness,
creaking wood comes crashing down,
now, all but your illusion pesters.
you tried to keep unbalanced,
tilling grave to prove your point,
but reason without calmness soon flexes,
clever victim, invisible menace roams
...out and over...
next yesterday, same yesteryear,
born from whims of bright screens,
you make your floating presence shown,
body and mind but spirit, two vestals unknowns
should we dwell hands into the brightness,
embrace this unknown twice and again,
or retrieve these selves in disillusion?
"...time will tell a tale without time"
:icondeadlyroutines:deadlyroutines 1 0
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